We are the Ann Arbor, Michigan, chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Confused by the advice of the experts regarding food choices for your family or yourself?

Tired of trying to make “healthy” food choices for your family? Whose version of “healthy” do you trust?

Are you the least bit anxious when you microwave prepackaged frozen food to offer your family?

Let us help.

It is our goal to demystify the “experts'” advice and teach you how to return to a diet rich in nutrition and flavor. Discover the nutrient-dense food your body craves and on which your children will thrive.

In our fast-paced lives we can be pulled in so many directions and lose sight of the central issue of living “the good life.” We are afraid to miss this opportunity or that opportunity then find we have only time to quickly grab a bite of highly processed food.

Stop the frantic pace.

Invest in your quality of life. Find a haven in your kitchen where you reconnect to the healing, sacred, life-affirming value of food. Discover what is nutrient-rich, where you can get it, how to prepare it and join the growing ranks of people who know and live “the good life” while contributing to the health of their families, their communities, the sacred animals and the planet Earth.