Deidre Currie Festival - Sept 13, 2008

Deidre Currie Festival - Sept 13, 2008

You won’t want to miss the Deidre Currie Festival on September 13, 2008, at Washtenaw Community College, Morris Lawrence Building, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Featuring Sally Fallon, Natasha Campbell-McBride, Jerry Brunetti, and Karen Lubbers. Register online! A highlight of the event will be the one-of-a-kind Gourmet Farmers Market – free and open to the public!

Join us this summer for

Dinner and a movie!

Friday, July 25
– “What Will We Eat?” and “The Organic Opportunity” by Michigan filmmaker Chris Bedford
Friday, August 15 – “The Future of Food”

Dinner at 6pm; film at 7pm

Where: Great Oak Cohousing, 500 Little Lake Drive, Ann Arbor

Salad bar with fresh, local ingredients will be provided – donations appreciated; bring a side
dish or dessert to pass if possible

RSVP ( appreciated for potluck. Let me know if you can help with set-up or clean-up.

Invite your family and friends for a fun, relaxing evening with good food and friends.

About the films:

THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.

From the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico, this film gives a voice to farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology. The health implications, government policies and push towards globalization are all part of the reason why many people are alarmed by the introduction of genetically altered crops into our food supply.

Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, THE FUTURE OF FOOD examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world’s food system. The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to the farm crisis today.

WHAT WILL WE EAT (26 mins) by Michigan filmmaker Chris Bedford reveals the growing crisis in industrial agriculture and how a grassroots coalition of consumers and small farmers is inventing a healthy, humane, homegrown alternative. Filmed primarily in West Michigan, “What Will We Eat?” focuses on the success of the Sweetwater Local Foods Market in Muskegon – Michigan’s first farmers market to exclusively sell local produce raised according to organic standards and products from animals raised humanely. The story is told through the voices and experiences of small farmers and their customers.

THE ORGANIC OPPORTUNITY (25 mins) tells the story of the first county in the US to promote local organic agriculture as economic development. Woodbury County, Iowa, became the first county in the nation to offer tax rebates to farmers who transition to organic agriculture in 2005. A year later the county became the first in the nation to mandate purchase of locally grown organic food by county institutions. In 2007, the county began an Organic Homestead program that offered no-cost loans and free building lots to farmers who relocated to Woodbury County to farm organically. THE ORGANIC OPPORTUNITY looks at these developments in-depth, offering anyone interested in economic development and healthy local food a model for change in their communities.