In case you haven’t heard yet about the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, or in case you have heard but haven’t acted yet, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to this new and vitally important organization. Spearheaded by the Weston A. Price Foundation, the Fund was launched this past summer to support the consumer’s right to access local, real food and to protect small and medium-size farmers and ranchers from the increasing threats and harassment by misguided government entities. The FTCLDF will provide legal counsel to farmers and consumers and promote our interests to the government. Some of the topics they may be tackling in the future include GMOs, NAIS, and raw milk issues. The Fund was set up not a moment too soon, just in time to address several raw milk issues, including AB 1735 in California that threatens to disrupt fresh milk availability in the state that has, up until now, been a beacon of hope for fresh milk consumers everywhere.

You can support the FTCLDF by making a one-time donation or through an annual membership.

Unfortunately, our rights to choose clean local foods are being diminished and many small farms are facing legal threats. Who would have thought that we’d have to set up a legal defense fund just to obtain farm-fresh foods from farmers we know and trust? But I sure am glad that we now have the strength and wisdom of the FTCLDF. Let’s do what we can, and every little bit absolutely does help, to support this organization so that they can, in turn, help protect our basic rights.

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