I returned yesterday from the amazing Wise Traditions 2007 conference. It was a fantastic, whirlwind weekend featuring brilliant speakers, fascinating vendors, and, of course, delicious food. I was planning to blog the event while I was there, but the hotel charged quite a bit for wireless (Who even charges for wireless anymore?!) and I couldn’t bear to cough up the money. But I took copious notes and I’m so excited to share with you all the things I learned. I’ll write a few posts in the coming days about the conference, and I also hope we can get together soon so that those of us that went can share what we learned.

A highlight for me was, of course, seeing the brilliant and inspiring Sally Fallon. She taught some excellent “Making It Practical” classes where she shared really useful tips and menus for applying the Nourishing Traditions diet to your everyday meal planning. I’d love to be able to offer classes similar to these here at home. She also led the chapter leader meeting on Monday-more on that later. For now let me just say…WOW! WAPF chapters around the world are doing some amazing things, from raw milk political activism that is really making a difference, to writing textbooks for young adults and teaching materials for parents.

Another highlight for me was meeting Joel Salatin, the powerhouse farmer-cum-writer, activist, world-changer, and all-around really cool guy. He signed my copy of his book Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal and also gave a rousing, energetic, and very impressive closing address on Sunday evening.

And speaking of that, I’d like to get the audio recording of all the conference sessions for the chapter and then hold some get-togethers for those interested in hearing them. Check out the conference schedule here to see what you might be interested in.

Overall, I was incredibly awed and impressed by the high caliber of the speakers and the conference as a whole. It really expanded by understanding of the restorative power of nutrient-dense food. I was struck by the large number of beautiful, chubby, healthy babies present at the conference, reinforcing the imperativeness of reinstating a traditional, nutrient-dense diet in our families to improve our quality of life and ensure future healthy generations.

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